Sunday, October 26, 2003


As I think about what to post today I think of Miss Molly, my 6 month old tabby cat. She is curled up on my lap. Sometimes when I look at my animals a tear forms in my heart and every so often it makes its way to my eye. Not a tear of sorrow but a tear of joy. Joy that my sweet cats and dogs seek my presence and desire my love and affection. Our home is a place of safety and comfort for them. Our home is a place of safety and comfort for me, too.


I’ve been thinking about the topic of this blog. My heart seems to say “write about the glimpses of Goodness that touch the core of our being”. I purposefully use the word “our” because sometimes my heart speaks things counter to my thoughts.

My heart and thoughts conflict at times. I go back and forth between courage and fear wondering if I can get words to express my heart’s language. It feels like such an enormous task, but today I feel a little bit braver than yesterday. Friday, I setup the web log but then chickened out. Today, I'm stepping out.