Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dog Goggles

Visual Voice posted this on her website the other day and it just made my day. Makes me smile when I think about my dogs wearing goggles though I don't think they'd stay on for very long. Very funny and kinda sweet.
This is an exhibit in the American History Museum memorializing the first cross-country road trip in 1903. Mr. H. Nelson Jackson brought his dog along on the trek, outfitting him with goggles to protect his delicate eyes from dust and flying bug debris.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Grandma's Wedding Wish

My grandmother wrote these words to me when I got married a number of years ago. In the card she wrote,

"Keep in mind this little wedding wish which was with one of our wedding gifts and has really helped when there have been a few rough times in our 55 years together. I love you, Grandma Marie"

I love you, too, Grandma!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Together in Death

My grandmother and grandfather passed away earlier this year. Grandad died in late December and Grandma died about one month later. My grandfather was in generally good health for a 98 year old up until his last 4-6 months.

Their deaths are sweetly poetic to me. Although Grandma's health deteriorated several years earlier, I believe she clung to life so her beloved could precede her in death. They lived in their house many years beyond what was safe (in my opinion), saying that as long as they had each other they would be okay. It was next to impossible to convince them otherwise, but I guess they knew when the time was right. In their mid 90s they finally agreed they needed more assistance, so they moved from their home of 70 years.

Mom decided to have the interment service this summer when Wyoming weather isn't so bitterly cold. I'm glad she made this decision. It was a sweet moment to celebrate their lives on a warm sparking sunlit day. We remembered their lives together. I'm glad that their earthly remains were committed to the earth together. I loved them both very much.