Saturday, January 19, 2008

TIP: How to get through to Customer Service

Yesterday I called our mortgage company with a non-standard question.  I dialed the Customer Service number and you guessed it I went through 29 menus (slight exaggeration) none of which dealt with my issue.  No shock there, but I thought eventually I'd get far enough down the menu that soon it would say "Press 0 to speak with a Customer Service Representative." But no, that would be much too convenient.

I was SO fed up and ready to smack the phone on the counter. Smack! Smack! Smack! Instead I pressed every bottom in a row and in a fit of exasperation I pushed as many buttons as possible all at the same time. Get the picture?? I put the phone up to my ear and guess what "brrrriiinnnggg".

"Hello, this is Kelly with Customer Service. Your loan number please?"

"Oh...Oh...just second. Oh, shoot! Where did it go!! I had it just a second ago," I say, fumbling through my stack of papers. "I'm so sorry. It was here just a second ago. I didn't expect to actually talk to a human."

CSR Kelly chuckles.  She'd really chuckle if she knew how I got through.  Ha!!