Sunday, October 30, 2005

Cats in Backpacks

You know how cats love boxes and bags. Well here's a new one. They love backpacks, too. Miss Molly's at it again. What a goof!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Language with No Words

I love fall. It means the nights are cool enough where we can sit on our porch and enjoy our chiminea. The pinion pine smell....hmmm....Wonderful. The other day my neighbor said, "I can tell this weather agrees with you". This was about the 10th time he's seen us enjoy a fire.

Again tonight we spent the early evening on our porch in front of the chiminea. After my husband went inside I stayed outside and put another small log on the fire. The sun had gone down by this time, so only the light from the house, street lights, and occasional car light lit the evening. A song by Nickel Creek came on the iPod that stirred my soul, speaking to a deep place in a language with no words.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Detective Agencies

While walking my dogs today I stumbled across a piece of cardboard in the grass.
Something caught my eye so I took a closer look. It was an advertisement for a detective agency. (2 years experience. Call now! $.25 per case. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. )

It really tickled me. As I finished my walk I thought about the "make believe" games I played as a kid. The memory that stands out most is riding bikes with my sisters. We pretended we were on fast stallions racing against the wind speeding down hills. We attached a piece of string to the handle bars for reins. Go Thunder! Go! Ride like the Wind!

(I also recall that we buttoned up our sweaters and then pulled them over our heads so they looked like long flowing hair!!)

A flood of other stories came back to mind. One of my sisters setup an adoption agency. She registered the names of make-believe kids on index cards. Each card had a name and their story, and notes indicating successful adoptions.

Several years ago my nieces came to visit. They too setup a detective agency. It was pretty impressive. They sat in the truck bed parked in the driveway watching cars as they drove by recording details and license plates. In their pads of paper they dutifully recorded their observations. They had a blast and played for hours and hours.

Imagination...a wonderfully delightful thing.