Friday, December 23, 2005

What Kind of Clouds?

Earlier this week a dear friend of mine and I ate lunch together which is our weekly practice. This week she seemed especially down for some reason.

During our conversation a painful memory came to mind when she was a tiny little girl, perhaps 3 or 4. While staring at the clouds in wonder she asked her grandmother, "If you were God, Grandma, what kind of clouds would you make?"

Her grandmother's response was, "Honey! Don't ever make yourself equal with God!" Her grandmother's words still bruised when they came to mind and I could see the hurt and shame she still carried.

It just broke my heart, but then from a gentle sweet place a question came to my mind. I looked into my friend's eyes and bent forward just slightly. I asked with a big smile on my face, "If you were God, what kind of clouds would you make?" The look in her eyes was of a delighted beloved child. With a tiny shy expression, she looked at me and smiled through teary eyes. She knew that day that God delighted in her question.

I think He is still pausing to hear all her ideas.