Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Indeed Precious

Some months back I visited a friend and her little one at their house. When we first met she was pregnant with this child. He is now 6 and a half. A darling, darling little boy. When I walked into their home he was sitting at the table playing with some figurines.  I love engaging with young children especially when they are playing with something. Turns out the figurines were these really cool Star Wars legos characters and he shared the names of each one.

Then all of the sudden he jumped up to show me his light saber. The light beam flipped out and even made that amazing buzzing sounds. Needless to say I was as delighted as he was.

When I left I couldn't find my keys and he said to me, "If you can't find your keys you can spend the night with us!" It just tickled me. As I walked out with my friend she said he really liked me because not everyone gets invited to spend the night.  Just then he came running out of the house to show me his light saber again...precious, truly precious.

* ~ * ~ * 

In pondering this memory I am struck by the truth that all humanity is special, deeply loved, and indeed precious.  I want to remember this especially when one of my inner voices speaks a different message.