Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Come Into My Keep

I wrote this last fall while attending a class at a friend's church. Through the class I experienced a connection of sorts with God's Agape Love and through this some long locked away memories seemed to lose their painful hold on me.

The word "keep" is a theme of the poem. Initially, the word "keep" sounded weird because I never use the noun form of this word, but recently I learned from a friend that the definition of the noun form is "the stronghold of a castle". It changed the whole picture of the poem for me.

~*~*~ Come Into My Keep ~*~*~

No need of yours is too great for Me;
No need of yours too deep.
Come always and forever into My Keep
for I will attend you there.

No fear of yours is too strong for Me.
No fear of yours will turn Me away.
Come always and forever into My Keep
for I will attend you there.

Bring Me the burden you carry
for it is not too heavy for Me.
Nothing will scare Me.
Nothing will frighten Me.
Nothing is too awful for Me.
Just come always and forever into My Keep
for I will attend you there.

Let Me hold you.
Let Me kiss you.
Let Me comfort and dwell with you.

No struggle is too complex for Me,
No struggle too matted or mangled.
I am the God who saves.
I am the God who rescues.
I am the God who redeems from the pit.

Call out to Me; you will find Me
for I am a God who finds.

Forever and always come into My Keep
for you will find Me here.


Sunday, October 17, 2004


Today is my birthday. B and I went to our favorite place for our favorite drink. (Yes, it's Starbucks). Anyway, as we enjoyed our morning coffee I watched several birds out the window. Two in particular walked across the patio on an apparent mission. I've never paid much attention to birds walking. Their feet are completely unfurled when they walk, several appendages (?) pointing forward and one pointing backward. They seem remarkably stable. At one point one bird broke into a run and then just like that he was standing atop some monkey grass. The blades didn't even move. For some reason this scene just tickled me.