Sunday, October 17, 2004


Today is my birthday. B and I went to our favorite place for our favorite drink. (Yes, it's Starbucks). Anyway, as we enjoyed our morning coffee I watched several birds out the window. Two in particular walked across the patio on an apparent mission. I've never paid much attention to birds walking. Their feet are completely unfurled when they walk, several appendages (?) pointing forward and one pointing backward. They seem remarkably stable. At one point one bird broke into a run and then just like that he was standing atop some monkey grass. The blades didn't even move. For some reason this scene just tickled me.

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Happy Birthday!

And now for the official birthday blessing from the Book of Common Prayer,

"Watch over your child, O Lord, as her days increase; bless and
guide her wherever she may be. Strengthen her when she
stands; comfort her when discouraged or sorrowful; raise
her up if she falls; and in her heart may your peace which
passes understanding abide all the days of her life;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen." (BCP p. 830)