Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Scholastic Book Club Order

Do you remember back in elementary school when our Scholastic Book Club orders would arrive? ...order form neatly wrapped around the books with a thick rubber band...the wonderful smell...the sound of crackling pages...the beautiful book covers.

Yesterday my husband received a book order with some research money. He ordered five books: one hardbound and 4 paperbacks. As he handed me the books I instantly transported back to 3rd grade. I looked at each book, flipped through, and of course smelled the pages. I asked my husband if he remembered Scholastic Books. He said "YES!" With a laugh I said, "this is a scholastic book order on steroids." We both laughed and reminisced. It was a cool moment.

So here's to Scholastic Book Club!! Three cheers!! (Here is a pic of my MOST favorite Scholastic books by Ruth Chew.)


ANewAnglican@gmail.com said...

I totally remember Scholastic books. It was the highlight of the week/month/whatever it was.

I see in the picture that Astro Turf is one of your selections. Was that based on my recommendation? I hope you enjoy. Looking forward to a discussion of it.

Small Glimpses said...

Hi anglican...yes, B bought it specifically based on your recommendation.

(Thanks for popping by...by the way do you remember what the Scholastic magazine was called? As I recall along with books you could also buy a magazine. Was it called "Bananas" or something like that?

Unknown said...

Hi. I know that your posting is over a year old, but I came across it when looking for some information I needed involving Scholastic.

I LOVED RUTH CHEW AS A CHILD. When I saw the pictures of those bookssss, I almost began to cry. I actually have a copy of What The Witch Left. The Witch's Buttons...Wow. Thanks for the memories.