Friday, August 24, 2007

Valpak ~ total waste (or are they?)

Rob Riggle did a funny bit on the Daily Show the other night where he "supervised the worst mail call ever" in the words of the Daily Show. In the piece (actually broadcasting from Baghdad on a USO tour) Rob delivers Valpaks to Marines in the barracks. It was hilarious in a totally Daily Show way.

Tonight we got a Valpak in the mail and I promptly threw it in the recycle bin commenting what a total waste of paper. On a goofy whim while talking to my husband I decided to open it so we could continue to poke fun.

Lo and behold (and I hate to admit this) I actually found three coupons we can use: Marble Slab Creamery (yumm!!), Van's Pig Stand (even bigger yumm!!!), and Checks in the Mail (we really could use some address labels). Ha!!!!!


Anonymous said...

oh my god!! are you serious? so how much did Valpak pay you to write that? and I bet the mini blind coupon were useful too right?

Streak said...

Anonymous, I am not sure you understood the post.

Nina said...

Oh, this is sooo funny! I've been thinking the same thing about those packets, hahaha. We don't have cable; I'll have to see if I can catch that show online.

It's funny too, how just when you have made up your mind, something comes along to make you think twice.

Of course, I came over from Streak's blog, where I am an avid lurker. I can't match his knowledge or vigilance, so I rely upon his blog for information bits. Does that make me lazy? :)

I like your writing. I really enjoyed the entries I have read so far--are you going to start posting more often?

Anonymous said...

I love valpak! Ours always has some great deal at two really good Mexican places and 20% any purchase at one of the better shoe stores.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Now I'll think about this post and actually open my envelope too. Van's Pig Stand, you say? I love that place!

I've only explored a bit of your blog so far, but really enjoy it, SG/SOF. I'm glad Streak pointed us over here!

Small Glimpses said...

Nina...thanks for popping over to SmallGlimpses and posting a comment. I appreciate it very much. Of course I'm partial, but I LOVE Streak's blog. :)

I keep saying I'm going to post more. A friend of mine started a new blog and she's a posting maniac, so maybe that will motivate me. I have lots of ideas, but they are either stuck in my head or a little bit gun shy about coming out. :)

steve s...I recognized your name as one of streak's blog regular commentors. Thanks for coming by. I'm going to start looking for more coupons from now on!! :) good to hear from you. We'll have to get Streak and go get some Van's barbecue on of these days!

Anonymous...thanks for stopping by. You really should open your Valpak envelop, you might be as surprised as I was. :)

Nicole said...

Valpak has redeemed itself from time to time in our household. No Marble Slab here, though. Just Coldstone Creamery, and it's not as good. *Sigh*