Saturday, January 19, 2008

TIP: How to get through to Customer Service

Yesterday I called our mortgage company with a non-standard question.  I dialed the Customer Service number and you guessed it I went through 29 menus (slight exaggeration) none of which dealt with my issue.  No shock there, but I thought eventually I'd get far enough down the menu that soon it would say "Press 0 to speak with a Customer Service Representative." But no, that would be much too convenient.

I was SO fed up and ready to smack the phone on the counter. Smack! Smack! Smack! Instead I pressed every bottom in a row and in a fit of exasperation I pushed as many buttons as possible all at the same time. Get the picture?? I put the phone up to my ear and guess what "brrrriiinnnggg".

"Hello, this is Kelly with Customer Service. Your loan number please?"

"Oh...Oh...just second. Oh, shoot! Where did it go!! I had it just a second ago," I say, fumbling through my stack of papers. "I'm so sorry. It was here just a second ago. I didn't expect to actually talk to a human."

CSR Kelly chuckles.  She'd really chuckle if she knew how I got through.  Ha!!


Nina said...

ROFL!! I am definitely going to try that! Have you read/heard recently the stories of how people have not been able to find anyone at their mortgage company who can even find their account? It apparently took forever and a day, and then a call from a TV show to get them some results.

Did you get your question answered?

Streak said...

You have been tagged. Or something.

Ginger said...

Too funny! I'll have to remember that trick.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. Just wanted to add that reading "Disappointment With God" is one major reason I came back from losing faith, some years ago. Glad to meet a fellow fan of Yancey.