Saturday, June 07, 2008

Farmers Market and Good Eats

B and I went to the Farmers Market early this morning. We've been talking about going for awhile, but kept forgetting. It was fun!! (though a little overwhelming at first). We ran into a few friends which was really cool, though we didn't get to see Okie Okasan and her bonnets as she's traveling.

We bought some lettuce, berries, green beans, and some lamb. B is making lamb vindaloo tonight for dinner. Yum! Yum! and I'm making a blueberry pie. This month's issue of Cooks Illustrated had an article on blueberry pie that piqued my interest. I've not made a pie in many months, so this seemed like perfect timing.

While visiting my sister and her family last summer, she and I went to her Farmers Market one day and it was so much fun. I'm sure being with her was the best part, but it was neat to be out in the community and to see all the wonderful displays of vegetable, fruits, flowers, breads, jellies, etc.

I'm not sure we'll make it every Saturday, but you never know.

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