Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Flickr Meltdown

I almost had an "identity meltdown" when I setup a Flickr account for class.   I wasn't sure what name to use.   Should I use my real name, my blog name, a combination of both, or a totally new name? Some names I wanted were already picked.  In the end I chose a combination of both.

In teasing apart my Flickr induced "crisis" I realized that one thing I hope to work through in the unravelling class is integrating my "various selves".  My life is not nearly as siloed as it used to be, but at times I am very aware of the various presentations of myself, i.e. my public face(s) to others.  Some of this is very natural and perhaps necessary to survive and function successfully in life, but this "divided life" really bothers me.  I think combining photography, observation and guided writing will be a good tool for me.


littlem said...

I spent weeks trying to work out a name for my blog. Never mind, you can always change it.

kompoStella said...

hullo there -
found you while unravelling.
i can really relate to your thoughts on divided realities; it's a small step from "divided selves", is it not?
"see" you "in class"!

Jayne said...

I often think about this too when I have to have so many user names/passwords for home and work. As I get older, if I don't use the same ones, forget about remembering them all!

ANewAnglican@gmail.com said...

Sara had a similar experience when setting up the Flickr account, and I had to walk her through it. Actually, now that I think about it, I actually did the "setting up" myself. But it's all good. Remember that for the class the group is closed to members only, and you only share what you choose to.

everyday graces said...

i am so there with you. I had a flickr crisis too b/c it said to use my yahoo acct which includes my son's name and I was wanting to remain somewhat anon and keep the kids out of it. I have a completely different blog that I've been writing on for the past 4 years. I didn't want to mingle this personal familial space with my unravelling space. Although part of me wishes I did b/c it'd be easier. It's part hiding...from the everydayness of my life...afraid of being judged and also it's part protecting...the ones I love b/c they are part of my blog. So I decided to find another blogspot, pardon the pun, to do this unravelling which my other readers don't even know about. I opened a new yahoo acct to correspond w/my new (and only) flickr account. Trying to keep it streamlined. I'm really good at making things more difficult than they need be. I too have been journaling for quite some time but I've realized that I have been censoring myself. Something I plan on working on. Thanks for sharing.