Wednesday, March 21, 2012

4 pairs of gloves

Somehow I ended up with four pairs of gloves on our trip to Taos. I needed ski gloves and wanted a pair of light gloves in case it was too warm. I also wanted my driving gloves and on the first day I found a pair of gloves in my pockets. So between the two of us, B and I had maybe 9 pairs.

At first this felt very uncomfortable to me and a bit extravagant. Perhaps it is, as I am well aware that many people have no gloves.

I could feel myself tensing up and becoming critical toward myself and toward B. I realized something, though, as I started listening to my thoughts. I realized that the four gloves are kinda how we live life right now. It works for us and when we let go of how we "should" be living, we are more comfortable with how we are living.  We are at peace and more open to others. No justifications, no defensiveness, no comparisons, just our delightful selves.


gblackwell said...

Very well stated. We would all do better to adopt this attitude more often. Thanks!

Small Glimpses said...

It was a bit of an aha moment for me. Thanks for commenting!!

~ sg

Karen C said...

I'm taking the 52 Weeks to Awesome course from and one of the lessons that has stood out the most for me is "Observe without judgement". Your story is a great example of why that is so important. Thanks for sharing!

Small Glimpses said...

Thanks Karen! Took a look at your class. Looks inspiring. Sweet Blessings to you!