Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Things

So the picture below is our newest addition to the family. It's actually a loner from a musician friend. Yes, B and I are taking violin lessons.

Ever since B started playing mandolin, I've had a quiet thought to play the fiddle. At B's urging we took the plunge. We started the same week so we are learning the same things which makes it extra fun and encouraging.

My mantra these last 6 months have been about taking risks and trying new things and this is one of them. Today I played my first scale. I'm hoping one day I'll be able to accompany Brad on some of our favorite songs.

Occasionally, the sound that comes from this thing makes my eyes tear up and I'm only bowing one single string without doing anything else! No fingerings, just bowing. The purity of sound is really something.

I have lesson #4 on Friday and can't wait.


Misti Ridiculous said...

You are so awesome! I'm so so so proud of you for taking this leap! A whole SCALE??? Girl. You'll be a pickin and a grinnin' afore too long! I'll be the one standin and stompin and clappin!

alexis nicole said...

How fun! I have always wanted to learn. Good luck girl. I love the concept of your blog. Looking forward to reading more:)

Small Glimpses said...

Thanks!! I just finished practicing for a bit. I'm still such a beginner, but hearing the music coming from my hands is doing something beautiful in me.