Sunday, April 05, 2015

52 Pictures - Week 14

Last night we had a friend over for dinner, drinks, and music.  So love hearing live music in our house.  What a treat.  While they played I grabbed my camera and did some more practice with the AV setting.  Here is my favorite of B's mandolin.

ISO 12800  f/5.6  1/40

Also took photos of the lovely moon last night.  Took awhile to get the camera to see what I was seeing, but I'm pretty happy with these.

ISO 3200 0.3EV f/1.8 1/80

ISO 1600 0 EV f/1.8 1/80

P.S.  I showed B the post and he said "It's almost like the Bat Signal!"...  he's rescuing humanity on the xbox, or maybe Mr. Freeze.

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