Friday, July 24, 2015

A Year Later

I wrote this post back in October 2012 but never posted it.  Not sure why....but today it gets its due.


Recently we helped a friend prepare for a estate sale.   She and her now deceased husband lived in one of the most amazing homes in my city ~ an old church (circa 1926) converted into a personal residence.  It's called the Chouse and it's simply beautiful.  Yes, its beauty is the architecture, but it's also because these two made it their home.  They loved animals, music and community and opened it regularly for orphaned cats and dogs (lots of them) and house concerts.

Almost exactly a year ago my husband hosted a house concert for my birthday in this place.  He also surprised me with a very special gift.  He played his mandolin and sang a duet with the artist, Carter Sampson.  Only a few dry eyes in the room as we heard Townes Van Zandt's "If I Needed You".

(Photo credit - Trisha Bunce)

Soon this place will be owned by someone else who will make it their home. We hope they too will experience the grace and beauty of this place.

(Photo credit - Trisha Bunce)

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