Monday, September 03, 2007

Hard Drive Screech

A week ago last Saturday my hard drive took a dive. For the last few weeks I noticed an occasional ever so slight screeching sound (which is never good). By Sunday it took 10 minutes to load a web page and the hard drive sounded like it was gasping for air and ready to grind to a halt.

I called Apple and the Customer Service Representative led me through some diagnostics, but it was clear the hard drive was failing. Luckily I was able to backup all my data (except I forgot to save my browser favorites). She suggested I send it in for maintenance. Apple sent a special box that I received Tuesday morning. I packaged it up Tuesday afternoon and dropped it off for DHL pickup.

Lo and behold guess what was waiting for me Thursday evening when I got home from work? Is that service or what! As an extra bonus I noticed I had a new keyboard, too. I'd worn off some of the letters and a few keys were sticking. Because we purchased Apple Care (extended warranty) I was not charged for the new hard drive or keyboard. (I'm usually skeptical of extended warranties. My belief is if you buy quality, then you don't need these things. However my sweet husband has convinced me they make sense when there are a lot of moving or electronic parts, but I hate spending money on these things.)

Anyway, I'm happy as a clam to have my laptop back and all my data restored. Yippee!

I love my Mac.


Anonymous said...

As a grizzled, scarred veteran of Mac/PC household wars (there's a particular brand of wild-eyed Apple fundamentalism that's just as bad as the religious kind), I almost hate to hear stories about how good Macs are. But gosh, you got it back in 48 hours? That's amazing. I may yet have to consider one... eeew. Glad you have your digital world back!

Small Glimpses said...

"there's a particular brand of wild-eyed Apple fundamentalism that's just as bad as the religious kind" You are absolutely right! (Although I love those Mac/PC commercials with John Hodgman, I'm sure this didn't help with the perception of Mac users.)

I am relatively new to the Mac scene (about 3 years), so I'm a bilingual computer user and will likely always be.

(Thanks for the comment!)

Small Glimpses said...

Apparently I'm not a very good typist. (grr...) Somehow while editing my last comment I deleted half of my words. I wanted to add that although I love my Mac I hope I never become a Mac fundamentalist. I've met a few and it is a bit off putting. Though, I have to watch myself because I REALLY do believe the mac is a great product with great customer service. :)

Nina said...

That is quick service. Must have been a quirk! (I'm cynical) ;)

Glad you're back up and running. LOL about the Apple fundamentalist comments, I know what you both mean.