Friday, September 07, 2007

What is "Stree?"

We went to PetsMart the other day and a funny thing happened on the way home. We bought 4 rosey red minnows as they are supposed to eat mosquito larva. Last week one of our biology friends came by to see the pond and fountain. Very nicely, but strongly, he suggested we get some fish...and fast. (We are using mosquito dunks, but it seems like they disintegrate very quickly perhaps because we recirculate the water. We want to stock the pond with native fish and hopefully we'll get our supply soon.)

So, on the way home I was reading the pet care instructions on the fish bag. The conversation went something like this.

(Reading from bag.) "'Responsible pet ownership begins on the trip home....If you have more shopping or errands to complete, consider picking up your pet last. This will ensure your pet encounters the least amount of stree possible.' Looking up from the bag I asked my husband, "What is stree?"


"What is stree? That's what the bag says, 'This will ensure your pet encounters the least amount of stree possible.'"

"'Stree' is not a word."

"But it says it right here."

"Probably should be 'stress'. It's a typo."

The pet instruction bag maker really should use a spellchecker.

We got the little guys home (no extra errands) and I let the bag float in the pond for about 15 minutes to acclimate the fish to the pond water temperature as directed on the bag. I opened the bag and gently let them loose. It was kinda fun to watch them scurry away.

The next day we located two of the little guys and we hope the other two survived. They are only about 1 in long, so they are hard to see. Unfortunately, we don't have a screen on the skimmer so they could get sucked into the pump. We are working on that. But as B and I said...these are not pets! These guys are work for a living. They better eat the larva and they better grow fast!!


Well, today we can't find any of the fish. Bummer! We now wonder if they experienced too much "stree" from being sucked into the pond pump, torpedoed out the fountain hole after swirling through 20 feet of pipe. Drag...Off to the pet store for more fish.


Nina said...

too much "stree" from being sucked into the pond pump, torpedoed out the fountain hole after swirling through 20 feet of pipe.

LOL That's how I feel some days. You picked up a screen, too, right? ;)

Small Glimpses said...

I know what you mean. I had a day like that on Monday. Too fast and too much stree. :)

As it turns out we think we have a small leak, so we are going to drain the pond before we get new fish. (oh...and we'll add a screen to the skimmer. Don't want those little guys getting suck up again.)

Streak said...

for the record, my fish consultant/zoologist/damn expert says that the little guy should have been able to swim against the current. So, if they got caught in the pump, it is their own damn fault.


But we will get a screen next time.

Nina said...

Well, I guess that's one way to weed out the not-so-bright ones. :)

Okie Okasan said...

Maybe they're just hiding...

I hope the leak is a cinch to find. You guys have worked so hard on that pond! And it is beautiful! You should post photos of it.

Anonymous said...

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Small Glimpses said...

Anonymous...thanks for dropping by and for your kind words. You've given me impetus to post more things. The doogles web site is too cool. I think my dog, Streak, would look so cool especially in the K9 Optix ones. I found a great picture on Thanks for posting the link!!