Friday, August 22, 2008

Aggravated Sciatic Nerve

We learned this week that B developed sciatica. He's been having lots of pain in his low butt (or buttocks as my yoga teacher says), back thigh, and knee. He just wasn't getting any better so he went to the Urgent Care Center Wednesday and they prescribed a muscle relaxer and an anti-inflammatory. It's good to know the cause and hopefully the pain will subside each day.

I decided to pull out my Anatomy Coloring Book to better understand all the inner workings of the sciatic nerve and muscle groups in that area. I bought the book several years ago when I started yoga. My teacher often talks about the various muscle groups we activate in the poses and I wanted a better visual understanding.

I first saw the book when I was in college. While studying on campus, at least once a semester I would see people coloring their books. I always thought it looked fun, well, except for having to memorize all those names. Glad I don't have to do that!!


Streak said...

Upper thigh. Upper thigh.

Anonymous said...

So Streak is a pain in the ass lately is what you are saying?

Becca said...


Small Glimpses said...

You successfully read between the lines!! :) Just kidding.

One of our yoga friends (70+ year old lady) asked the same thing. It WAS super hilarious.

btw...Streak (the real Streak) has not left big Streak's side at all. He follows him everywhere. It's pretty adorable.

Small Glimpses said...

Hey was great today. What a great group!!! Congratulations on your success at the new studio. Sorry I was so late. We got up at 6:30 and then I fell back to sleep about 9:45 for a quick cat nap that lasted longer than I expected.