Friday, April 24, 2009

Home Improvements - The Safe Room Part 2

After doing lots of research and thinking through options my husband proposed installing one as part of our garage remodel. He first heard about the product from the retired fire chief of our city. (He's the husband of the lady who cuts our hair. She held an open house at her new shop and B struck up a conversation with him. You just never know where you'll learn information.)

The FamilySAFE product is multi-functional. It’s essentially a steel encased closet with a inward swing door so you don't get trapped inside. We’ll be able to store things in it especially during non-tornado season. Good for storing cat carriers, golf clubs, etc. Of course during tornado season it can't have TOO much stuff in it. :)

I'm excited to say they installed the safe room shelter on Wednesday. It is way cool! Looks a little weird right now since it's the only thing in the garage space. And another cool part. They took $400 off the price as a "Show Discount". Back in January we went up to the Home and Garden show so we could see one ourselves. They offered the discount to people who bought that day, but we weren't ready to commit. I'm impressed that they gave it to us anyway.

Our house is a pier and beam construction, so everything is about 25" off the ground. The cement cap in the photo will be under the floor, so this will essentially be a walk-in closet from the new bedroom. To the right will be the new 3/4 bathroom. Also, the safe room is constructed so you can hang drywall on the inside. I doubt we'll do that but will probably put in a nice floor, some shelves and a hanging rod.


Jayne said...

That's certainly peace of mind for something to be there if/when you need it. And a bonus that you got a discount!

I shared the Eagle Nest cam on my blog today. Thanks again for the wonderful link! :c)

gblackwell said...

Very much enjoying the updates! Looks like all is going according to plan.

Small Glimpses said... are right about peace of mind. Hopefully we won't ever need it for it's primary purpose. It's a bit ironic that we are under a tornado watch until 3am this morning.

Hope everyone enjoys the eagle nest cam. I just loved checking in on them. Can't wait to see the little guy try to fly!

gb...Thanks for popping by. It's been fun to post updates on the progress. If anything it will be fun to read after several years and remember what it was like. said...

Very cool!

Becca said...

Well - you could keep lots of stuff in there, and then when the tornado sirens go off, just start tossing stuff out of there like crazy!!! lol.
So how many people can fit in that closet?

Small Glimpses said...

Thanks Anglican...when you get a chance feel free to stop by for a tour. Ha!!

Firefly...That is FUNNY! I can picture us now throwing things out as fast as we can. HA!! It can fit 4-6 people.

gracehoper said...

Nice to know I have a classmate (Unravelling) who is a neighbor! I'm in Idaho. glad you posted your blog .

Small Glimpses said...

Gracehoper...thanks for saying hello. I am looking forward to the "Unravelling" class, too. I put the "Unravelling" badge on my blog page this afternoon and got the batteries in the camera all charged up.